Washington Defensive Driving Courses

  • Study at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want
  • Created by industry professionals to give you an unrivaled learning experience
  • Guaranteed to keep points off your record
  • Shortest courses allowed by law – finish the same day
  • An easy final assessment
  • Traffic ticket dismissal approval where permitted

Why Driving 411?

  • Set Up for Success

    Our online defensive driving courses are designed by educational experts to help you succeed!

  • Work at Your Own Pace

    We understand that your time is valuable, which is why timers are not included in our courses. You control your own pace throughout the course!

  • No Suprises

    Never had them. Never will. Our simple pricing means you get access to the full online course and completion certificate for a single price!


  • Why should I take a traffic school course?

    Taking our course will help you prevent a recent traffic ticket and points from showing up on your public driving record. In turn, your violation will not be reported to your insurance company, which will help you avoid a costly spike in your premium rate.

  • How do I receive credit for traffic school?

    In order to receive credit for your course, you must do the following:

     •    Pay the traffic ticket bail amount
     •    Pay the administrative fee
     •    Complete an 8-hour traffic school course

    The court must receive your payment before you can enroll in your course.

  • Does online traffic school help my insurance rate?

    Yes! An online traffic school course can help you get an insurance discount. However, there are several factors that affect this:

     •   You must check with your insurance provider to see if they offer this discount.
     •   You must check with your insurance carrier to find out if you are eligible for this discount.

  • Who is not eligible for Driving 411 traffic school?

    You are not eligible to attend Driving 411 traffic school if you were cited for any of the following reasons:

     •   Non-moving/equipment violation
     •   Violation that mandates a court appearance
     •   Alcohol-related violation
     •   Misdemeanor
     •   Being cited while operating a commercial motor vehicle (if you hold a commercial driver’s license)

  • Where do I send my traffic school certificate?

    If you take Driving 411 traffic school, you will receiver a certificate of course completion that will need to be sent directly to the DMV and Court that issued your citation.

    Be sure to check with your court prior to your Due Date to ensure they processed your completion.

  • Can I take this course on my phone?

    Yes! Our defensive driving course is smart phone and tablet friendly on most devices. Anywhere you can access the internet via your mobile or tablet device, you can take our course! The flexibility of the course allows you the option to view part of the course from one device, log off and resume the course from a office or home computer.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    Each course is as long as the state says it must take – and no longer – mostly between 4 and 8 hours. You can take it at your leisure, starting and stopping as often as you like, as you work your way through the material.

  • Can I dismiss my ticket with this course?

    Because the laws regarding defensive driving courses vary from state to state – and even from court to court – you’ll want to be sure that you ask the court that’s handling your traffic violation about local driver improvement program policies and procedures.

  • What are the payment options?

    You can pay with Credit Card, Debit Card, and PayPal.

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that our defensive driving courses will suit your needs.


Rob S.

“This class was very helpful, it taught me new information that I haven’t thought of. I also feel that it would be a beneficial class to anyone that drives.”

Amy E.

“Very well organized and in-depth”

Michael W.

"This class was organized, easy, and very informative. I would highly recommend this course to anyone needing to take a traffic school course, online!"

Jennifer P.

"I took the Driving 411 course to dismiss a ticket in court. I was expecting it to be a hassle to complete but they made it simple."